Is A Sinus Infection Contagious?

If you or someone surrounding you is a sinusitis sufferer, you may ask yourself is a sinus infection contagious? Well, the short answer is it can be contagious only if it is a recurring infection. There are many factors that can cause a recurring infection, like fungus, bacteria and viruses, etc. In most cases, viral type infections are not contagious themselves, but the fact is these viruses have a high chance of being passes on. This will make people surrounding a sinusitis sufferer get susceptible. However, there is no need to worry it although it is caused by viruses. It is very easy to cure it by taking some over the counter medications or some proven home remedies for sinusitis. Definitely, the best way to avoid getting infected from a sufferer is to get a respirator when you stay close to that person.

If your infection is caused by bacterial, you have no need to worry whether it can be contagious or not. When mucus is trapped within a swollen nasal, it will result the growth of bacterial; thus making a sinusitis. Some signs of it may contain tooth pain, high fever, ear pressure, bad breath and fatigue, etc. If this is your case, you can ask for a sinus infection treatment from your doctor.

If unfortunately you get your nasal infected by viruses, you will notice that it will remain for a very long time. Actually as long as the viruses are active, you will suffer from it. In most cases, it’s not dangerous. However, if you notice some severe headaches and they seem to be persistent, then you should visit your physician’s office. Typically, he will give you some medications to relieve the pressure. But if your condition is really bad, a surgery may be required. This is necessary for people who get infected because of the polyp or tumor.

All in all, even it is contagious, it can be treated easily. However, if you can maintain a healthy lifestyle by having a healthy diet and regular exercise, you will never worry about it.